…..” DDY has the variety for me to stay engaged with my practice and learn new approaches to yoga.”…..

As an educator and researcher, there are many opportunities for stress to pervade my consciousness. Coming to DDY, has been a safe, re-energizing space for me to return to my yoga practice. After taking weekly classes for several months, in the fall of 2018, I decided to do yoga daily. DDY has the variety for me to stay engaged with my practice and learn new approaches to yoga. It was through my trust in DDY’s yoga community that I began to feel comfortable with expanding beyond Vinyasa. Some days I want an intense class like Cardiyo or Hot 26, and others I want to slow down with Hatha, Yin or Warm Slow Flow. I also appreciate DDY’s focus on Functional Movement so that I can be connected to my body and focus on what is needed in that given moment. I am grateful I have also been able to build a yoga community while living in Las Cruces.

Amanda A.

…..”I’m a yoga addict now”…..
I have been attending DDY for at least 2 years and have seen an enormous benefit to both my body and my soul, even when I only attend once a week.  I’m a yoga addict now, and DDY is my favorite place to feed the need!
My mother, who lives in Reno NV, has a knee injury and discovered arthritis in several joints about a year ago.  All this time, I’ve been trying together to do yoga, but it’s hard to inspire someone over the phone.  She came to visit for a weekend over the summer and joined me to take her first ever yoga class with Maggie. She loved it!  She was so inspired that she is now a fixture in two different yoga classes in Reno, AND has inspired another granddaughter in Reno to join her!  She says that Maggie is still her favorite instructor, and DDY is the most beautiful studio. I tell her that she needs to visit more and try some of the other awesome instructors with me (win-win for me!). Thank you, DDY!
Amber D.

Amazing environment with helpful, friendly staff. I was introduced to DDY because of their free yoga on the LC Plaza and decided to start attending the studio regularly. Thank you guys for all you do for the community.

Carrie L.

…..” DDY offers challenging classes and a great community of yogis.”…..

When I move to Las Cruces it was important to me that there was a great HEATED yoga studio in town. DDY offers challenging classes and a great community of yogis. A great place to learn or for a more advanced practice.

Rebecca B.

Delightful, intentional practice. Sub teacher, Nancy, broke down the specifics of each pose and movement, which is definitely what I need as a beginner.

Sarah S.

So calming & refreshing. Thank you, Lorelei, as usual.

Polly H.

…..”Yoga practice at DDY has enhanced my life in so many ways”

My yoga practice at DDY has enhanced my life in so many ways…
• The peaceful joy I get from practicing with our yoga community
• The flexibility I have gained from the support and encouragement of the the instructors 
• The amazing ability to be playful and interactive with our granddaughters and not fear injury.
I never dreamed that yoga could change my life and make me a better person, and by practicing at DDY, it has! 
Kathie W.

Love Downtown Desert Yoga! All the instructors have been very welcoming and helpful!

Wow! CardiYo is a great class that combines weights, resistance, and yoga taught by an awesome and patient instructor, Ryan!

Tammi C.

…..”Becoming Your Wisdom…..how to age gracefully rather than grumpy!”…..

What a wonderful Becoming Your Wisdom workshop on how to age gracefully rather than grumpy! Very helpful in changing negative attitudes about aging into positive acceptance of our changing bodies and beings.

Kathleen G.

I’ve made more progress in this class than any other yoga class in 15 years of practice.

Fatemeh S.

…..”exceptional, outstanding, awesome and one of a kind! “…..

In essence, Downtown Desert Yoga can be described as exceptional, outstanding, awesome and one of a kind! The yoga studio has warm wooden floors, a nice aromatic scent and friendly instructors. You will feel welcome here regardless of your yoga background.

Dr. Alan S.

…..”best therapy for me mentally, physically and spiritually.”…..

Thank you Colleen and Suzanne for the beautiful classes of Hot 26 FM at DDY! ….It has been the best therapy for me mentally, physically and spiritually. It has helped heal my body and my heart. Thank you for making this happen in Las Cruces, NM!!!


…..”an arthritic hip doesn’t mean I can’t strive to be as flexible and strong” …..

I would like to express my gratitude to Colleen and her amazing staff and also to my fellow yoga practitioners for providing me with an atmosphere to heal my mind, and body. Five years ago I had my right hip replaced and moderate arthritis in the left. The surgery was successful, I was informed that I would not be able to cross my legs forward or backward. I started Yin yoga 2 years ago and proved them wrong. I worked up to all of this safely, and slowly with guidance from the excellent staff of DDY and listening to my body. I am now doing some of the Hatha yoga classes to increase my strength and balance.

Just because I am a 67-year woman with a hip replacement and an arthritic hip doesn’t mean I can’t strive to be as flexible and strong as I was at 30.

Cyndi H.

…..”I get a better workout over kickboxing”…..

While taking kickboxing classes I noticed my balance was off.  I decided to give yoga a try to see if it helped improve it.   I had never taken a Yoga class before and discovered that yoga has quite a lot to offer.  I am taking up to 5 classes a week, each class has a different focus.  I really enjoy the difference in the classes and feel I get a better overall workout over kickboxing.

Chila J.

I had been looking for a certain type of yoga and found it at Downtown Desert yoga. The Hatha flow session on Wednesday evenings with Niki is absolutely great. The studio is large, clean and everyone I have met has been absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend visiting the studio and trying one of their classes.

Mariette M.

I’m from San Francisco and was visiting a dear friend and she introduced me to the studio. iIt was all she raved about. Great instructors!!!! Warm and supportive environment. I fell in love with Yin Yoga.

Bola W.

Loved the Restorative class, a little different from what I’m used to, but in a good way. Great way to wind down the weekend and prepare for a new week.
Benedict Z.

I lost myself the last couple of years and became hard-hearted and bitter. Yoga has helped me reconnect with my true self, my kind and compassionate self. When I found yin yoga with Deidra I was hooked.

Maggie’s message of acceptance and excellent cueing make for a wonderful class!

Jessica’s guiding wisdom makes every class a special learning experience!

Phenomenal meditation exploration of breath and introduction to the Koshas! Greatly appreciated, Lorelei!

Kathleen G.