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Our approach makes yoga accessible to ANY body through Optimal Movement

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Introductory Offer – New Clients Only

$30 for 4 Classes (1 Month)

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Introductory Offer

(New Clients Only)

$30 for 4 Classes (1 Month)

A word from Colleen, the studio owner:

"Optimal Movement is a term we coined at ddy that sprang from our Functional Movement training philosophy.  We want to get our students curious about how their body moves and then have them move in a way that feels right to them." ~ Colleen 

What people are saying about us:

…..”feeling peaceful and happy!”…..

I highly recommend Downtown Desert Yoga I had never done yoga before and was very nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect, every instructor I encountered was helpful and kind I leave this place feeling peaceful and happy!


AWESOME! It’s my first class with Miguel in Hot 26 FM and I loved his pace and guidance!
~Brooke R.

Downtown Desert Yoga is amazing! I appreciate the excellent classes and the friendly atmosphere and has made such a difference in my life!
~Traci C.

…..” Special thanks to Lorelei & O’Dette”…..

Thank you for your amazing instruction during our professional development session.  SPED teachers and assistants are looking forward to your upcoming sessions on yoga for kids with special needs.”

…..” yoga <is> the perfect compliment to my tennis game”…..

Downtown Desert Yoga has had an incredibly positive impact on my life. I have focused my practice on hot yoga and usually attend classes in the mornings. The consistent exposure to great instructors at DDY has been amazing. I am a nationally ranked tennis player and have found yoga to be the perfect compliment to my tennis game. It has helped me greatly with balance and endurance on the court. I would recommend DDY to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.

~Ryan B.

…..”I get a better workout over kickboxing”…..

While taking kickboxing classes I noticed my balance was off.  I decided to give yoga a try to see if it helped improve it.   I had never taken a Yoga class before and discovered that yoga has quite a lot to offer.  I am taking up to 5 classes a week, each class has a different focus.  I really enjoy the difference in the classes and feel I get a better overall workout over kickboxing.

~Chila J.

With over 40 classes a week to choose from, there are plenty of options – Come on in!

With over 40 classes a week to choose from, there are plenty of options – Come on in!