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I started practicing yoga over 25 years ago because it was a way to get a good workout. I was not a runner, cyclist, or gym-goer, so I was delighted to find something that suited me. Over the years, I realized the added benefit of the practice. It de-stressed my mind, that in turn translated to how my body functioned, I felt great! It became so much more than a workout, it became a passion. I received my 200 RYT in 2011 and I am currently working on my 500 RYT that has an emphasis on therapeutic essentials. Yoga is so much more than the physical (asana) practice for me now. As I dig deeper into the millennia-years old practice, I enjoy learning more about the other limbs of yoga and do my best to integrate them into my daily life.

I am a mama, (or mom as Maxwell, who is 15, now refers to me), and life-partner to Jay. As owner, instructor, & team leader at DDY, it is my intention to create space for those who also have that appreciation and passion for yoga. I could not do it without my family, friends, and team who have helped to build this amazing DDY community here in Las Cruces. Occasionally, I still practice residential architecture.

As I like to remind myself and my students, “there is no there, there”.

Practice, practice, practice! is my mantra.




Annie’s background is in music, she is a doctoral candidate at ASU where she received her MMA. Her 14 year love affair with yoga began with Bikram in Phoenix, and continued to Vinyasa in NYC and Iyengar in Rome! Setting aside her gigs as a personal chef and co-founder/director of an early childhood music program, Annie returned to the States for yoga teacher training, more proud of this certification than any of her degrees. Her addictions include memorizing anatomy, traveling, the Holy Spirit, green chile, and loving peoples’ hearts back to life!




Maggie discovered yoga 5 years ago, and will be forever grateful for the way it has helped her to reimagine a healthy and caring relationship to her body. Inspired by Open Doors Yoga Instructor Shawn Cornelison and his philosophy of sustainable movement, Maggie strives to support students’ bodies and hearts through a yoga practice driven by quality of movement rather than specific shapes. With a focus on Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga in her 200-hour Teacher Training, she loves to help students build strength as well as discover ease and, most importantly, be present in the body that shows up on the mat each and every day.


Mon. – Fri. : available any time after 3:30 PM
Sat. and Sun. : available any time!




Yoga has been a transformative practice that brought me back into my body. I love the holistic approach of connecting mind, body & spirit. Along with completing a 200-hour yoga teacher certification I’ve also completed training in trauma informed approaches in yoga, Level 1, 2 & 3 Healing Touch, Level 1 Reiki & Level 1 & 2 Touch for Health. I’m currently working on 500-hr yoga teacher training. My classes are accessible for all levels and are a creative and healing combination of breathwork, meditation, poses, energy medicine techniques and aromatherapy.

I enjoy making creative, delicious and wholesome plant-based meals for my family and friends. I also create unique handmade jewelry out of repurposed paper and local fruits and vegetables. I serve my community as volunteer facilitator for a social change organization called Shakti Rising.

I firmly believe that positive change on a bigger scale begins on an individual level. My goal is to support others in their process of connecting mind, body and spirit. It’s from this grounded and connected space where we are able to be our most authentic selves and make the greatest impacts in the world.



I was introduced to Yoga in early 2009, and discovered a love at first sweat. I completed my first 200-hour instructor program in 2014, and am currently enrolled in another 300-hour course.

Although fluent in Vinyasa Flow, my teaching focuses primarily on the Hot 26 and Yin styles of Yoga. These are personal favorites, but all types of Yoga make for rewarding practices, and half the fun is discovering which classes speak to you.

I focus on building mindfulness in breath, body and thought. I strive to create an environment that is welcoming, non-judgmental and encouraging. Compassion and community are important elements of the studio.

Yoga helped me not only survive, but thrive, through a herniated disc and diabetic neuropathy, both of which were physically and emotionally debilitating. My practice has refined my sense of self and given me access to levels of strength and focus I never would have thought possible beforehand.

To me, Yoga is synonymous with the word surrender, in that you can surrender your body to its healing path, while surrendering your mind towards love and light. I invite you to discover what that feels like. Yoga accepts anyone and everyone.




Niki Harings is a Certified Instructor with Yoga Alliance with a passion for women’s health & empowerment. Niki trained with Open Doors Yoga and completed her certification in July 2014. She teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, gentle yoga, chair yoga, prenatal, trauma-sensitive yoga and sometimes plays with the fusion of hip hop dance and yoga. She has been practicing yoga regularly for 9 years and has an extensive dance background. Niki was certified as a Reiki Master in May 2010 and her teachings are inspired by her lifework, helping people design and live into a life they absolutely love as a Life Mastery Consultant/Success coach. She also loves to share the supportive benefits of Essential Oils.



Lorelei has been practicing yoga for over ten years and is a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance (RYT-200). She is also a children’s yoga teacher and has completed training through Cosmic Kids Yoga. She initially began practicing yoga for the physical benefits, but over time realized the therapeutic benefits to a regular practice. That became particularly clear after she began practicing yoga regularly with her son to help him with difficulties with focus and hyperactivity. Her experiences led her to a desire to teach yoga to other kids as well as adults to share the therapeutic, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Lorelei currently teaches Kids’ Yoga, Sustainable Power Yoga, and Flow classes at DDY, as well as Hot 26 classes. She is also working on her 300 hour training certification.

Our Students

Michael Burke

Michael Burke Yoga Questionnaire
Oct. 2016

  1. Name—Michael E. Burke
  2. How long have you been practicing yoga?  Total? With DDY? —I’ve been practicing yoga for about ten years, since 2006. With DDY I’ve been practicing about five years.
  3. How was yoga affected your lifestyle? —I was going through a difficult time in 2006 and decided to try yoga. I am so glad I did. I fell in love with the practice; it quickly became meditative for me. It helped me take control of my life and make it through the day. Relaxing and breathing, breath is the link between mind and body.
  4. What would you say to a person who might be interested in yoga, but has not yet practiced? —Give it a try, you just might like it. It’s never a competition.
  5. What do you like about DDY? —Several things pop into my head when asked what I like about DDY, but the best thing I like is its instructors. They teach movement with mindfulness, with intention. I’ve been to yoga classes from California to Michigan and a lot of stops in-between, and the DDY instructors are some of the best out there.
  6. Do you have a favorite yoga style?  Why? Because I try to practice 5-6 times a week, I like to mix up my yoga with Yin, Hot 26 and Chiram (slow) flow, keeping my practice well rounded.